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Kingsley Beach: Discover Boat Harbour’s Hidden Beach

views of tomaree national park
Photos by Wander. ©

Explore Kingsley Beach and it’s stunning coastal landscape

The southern parts of Port Stephens are lined with a rocky coastline and hidden bays. While some parts aren’t easily accessible, Kingsley Beach is one of the easiest to get to although it is not overly well known!

Kingsley beach suitable for surf, swim, and fishing

Where is Kingsley Beach located?

Kingsley Beach is in the Port Stephens region in the small coastal town of Boat Harbour, which is about a 15 minute drive from the main area of Nelson Bay.

Boat Harbour itself is one of the more secluded and quieter areas of Port Stephens, so it comes as no surprise that a lot of people haven’t heard of Kingsley Beach!

The beach itself is located just of Kingsley Drive and has it’s own small car park area. Just near the access path, there are some signs you’re able to read with maps and information about the area.

The access path leading down to the beach has a number of stairs, followed by a suspended walkway over some native plants.

The suspended walkway leads down to a small platform with a wooden bench seat. A very convenient spot to sit and remove shoes before heading down onto the sand! The area beyond the platform is a wooden walkway down onto the sand.

(At the time, underneath this had been washed out and eroded, which made it tricky to walk down without getting your feet caught in it.)

enjoy the views from the platform

What are the main features and attractions?

The beach itself is hidden away from the more popular areas of Port Stephens making it a really private and secluded part of the Bay. It’s a great spot to visit to avoid the holiday crowds.

The surrounding area is largely untouched, making it the perfect spot to sit and relax in nature while take in the stunning rugged landscape and ocean.

During the time we visited, we noticed that there is some stairs being constructed at the southern end of the beach, leading over the headland towards Little Kingsley Beach.

Previously, the only way to access that area was through a bush trail via Fishermans Bay. This staircase will make the area much easier to access and should provide some beautiful views from up the top.

We look forward to exploring this further once it’s opened to the public in the near future.

What amenities and facilities are available?

Amenities and facilities are limited at Kingsley Beach, however there are some nearby.

There are public toilets, barbeque facilities and picnic tables available at both ends of Boat Harbour Beach. There is also a small playground on the northern end of the bay.

Nearby accommodations or camping options

Accomodation and camping options in Boat Harbour itself is limited, with most hotels being located in the busier parts of Nelson Bay and surrounding areas. The most commonly available accomodation in the area is private beach homes or airbnb’s.

The closest camping option would be in Anna Bay at Birubi Beach Holiday Park or some of the other nearby caravan parks.

There are an abundance of hotels, motels, airbnb’s and beach homes available in nearby towns in the area.

Nearby areas worth exploring

There are a number of other nearby attractions worth exploring if time permits.

  • Depending on the time of year, just around the corner from Kingsley Beach is Boat Harbour Whale Watch Lookout, which provides stunning up close views of whales migrating during the cooler months.
  • Boat Harbour Beach is also worth checking out, especially if you have young children. With it’s small waves and relatively shallow water, it’s a great spot for kids to have a splash and swim without the stress of them being knocked over by large waves.
  • North of Boat Harbour Beach is a new coastal walking trail over the headlands through Tomaree National Park to Morna Point. We are yet to explore this, but could see other people walking across some of the bridges along the track from the southern side of Boat Harbour Beach and can’t wait to check it out.

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