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Best Esky Australia: Top 10 Eskies to Buy in 2024

best esky australia

Compare The Top 10 Best Esky Coolers in Australia 2024

Keep your drinks cool this summer with the best esky cooler on the market

In our hot climate, it is almost essential that every Australian family own an esky. With cold beers being a non-negotiable in Australia, it’s important to be equipped with a quality esky that can keep the beers chilled and you and your mates happy.

Whether you’re looking for an esky for a camping trip, a backyard barbecue with mates or to keep your lunch cold at work, we’ve conducted our own in depth research to compile a list of the best quality and most popular Eskies in Australia in 2024.

Please note: We are recommending these products based off our own independent research. We do not receive any form of incentive, payment or commission for these reviews. Any prices stated were accurate at the time of writing and are subject to change at the retailers discretion.

Best Esky for Camping

best esky brands camping trips

Dometic Cool Ice 43L

When it comes to esky brands, you really can’t go past Dometic. They’ve been around for years and are renowned for high quality products that everyone loves. The brand produces some of the best ice boxes on the market.

This particular model is BCF’s most popular selling esky. At 43L in capacity and 640(L) x 418(W) x 355(H) in dimension, it’s a great size to throw in the back of the car for a weekend camping esky, a fishing trip or backyard barbecues with mates.

Featuring stainless steel latches for an airtight seal, this ensures the hot air stays out and the cool air stays in. It’s fitted with drop down handles, making it easy to move, with added tie down points for extra security during transportation. A drain plug makes emptying and cleaning out the esky a breeze.

This esky comes highly rated, with most saying it’s the best ice box they’ve ever owned with the added benefit of it being sturdy enough to double as a seat at parties or on fishing trips.

If the 42L isn’t the size for you, you’ll be pleased to know that the Dometic Cool Ice range comes in a variety of sizes to suit most needs, ranging from 13L to 111L.

The best price we’ve been able to find is at Tent World for $209

Best Esky on Wheels

best wheeled esky

YETI® Tundra Haul™ Hard Cooler

In recent years, YETI has become a well known brand in Australia for their drink bottles. They’re now taking over the Esky world and quickly becoming a new favourite.

The Tundra Haul was modelled off the popular Tundra Hard cooler range. Both models are extremely similar, though the Tundra Haul has a slightly larger capacity and has been fitted out with wheels to make transporting your goods even easier.

While they aren’t the cheapest esky on the market, they are excellent quality and extremely durable. They are designed to be tough with their puncture-resistant wheel design, a welded aluminium arm for towing and heavy duty latches. They really are worth every cent if you’re looking for a solid esky that will last for many years.

With most products in the YETI range, they come with excellent reviews with most people raving about the quality of the insulation and durability of the design.

Currently available in 7 different colours, including red, camp green, lilac, navy, charcoal, tan and white. (Some of these colours may be limited edition)

Prices at most retailers are the same at $599 on the YETI website and at BCF and Tent World

Best Cheap Esky

best cheap esky

Esky 38L Wheeled Performance Hard Cooler

This brand has been around for over 70 years and is how the name “Esky” became a thing.

The Esky design has come a long way since its original model was released in the early 1950’s. Once made out of sheet metal, their designs, like many, are now made from durable plastics.

While the Esky brand are not seen as “premium” eskies, they are a quality product for their price point and a staple in many homes.

In our experience, these are best suited to day trips, as their insulation isn’t as great as most of the premium brands, which are better suited to keep ice frozen for a number of days.

Their 38L Wheeled esky is a great buy for the price. It is a decent size, the lid is fitted with 4 cup holders, it has an integrated bottle opener and a convenient drain plug to drain melted ice. The best part is, it’s on wheels and easy to move around when fully stocked.

If you’re not wanting to spend a fortune on a reasonable sized esky, this is the one for you.
(Also available in other sizes)

Exclusive to Bunnings at $79.00

Best Small Esky

best small esky

YETI® Roadie® 24 Hard Cooler

Upgraded from the previous model the Roadie 20, the new and improved Roadie 24 is lighter, thinner and performs better than the previous model.

The Roadie 24 is designed in a way so that it fits behind the front seat of your car, making it accessible during long journeys. It has a reasonable capacity with it being able to accomodate up to 18 cans. It can also fit an upright bottle of wine, which is a welcomed feature by wine lovers, making it the perfect esky for a picnic for two.

Equipped with all of YETI’s usual high quality design features such as their permafrost insulation, secure latching system, heftyhauler handle and tie down points, the Roadie is yet another quality product from the YETI brand.

Currently available in 7 different colours, including red, camp green, lilac, navy, charcoal, tan and white.
(Some of these colours may be limited edition)

Available for $299.95 on the YETI website, BCF and Tent World

Best Esky for Work

best work esky australia

Dometic Cool Ice 13L

Again, with another Dometic Cool Ice product. You really can’t go past a Dometic esky, they are reasonably priced, well insulated and excellent quality.

The 13L model is a great size for a work esky or tradie esky. With refrigeration grade foam insulation, they’re able to tolerate a work site environment, such as sitting in a hot car or in the outside elements while still maintain their temperature.

Equipped with a shoulder strap, it’s convenient to carry and easy to clean and incredibly durable. Stainless steel latches ensure it remains tightly sealed so no hot air can enter, leaving the cool air trapped inside.

Made from impact resistant plastic, these bad boys can handle being in the back of a work ute without a worry in the world.

In addition to being a brilliant work esky, they are also a convenient size to pack a couple of cans for a fishing trip. The shoulder strap makes it convenient to carry, freeing up your hands to carry rods and tackle boxes. You really can’t go wrong with this little guy.

Normally retailing for $125, available at BCF with a members prices of $89.99

Best Esky for Fishing

best fishing esky cooler boxes

Pryml Poly Fish Icebox 83L

Designed specifically for the angler, the Pryml Poly Fish Ice box is highly rated as being a quality and affordable large ice box for fishing. With an 83L capacity and and internal length of 92.5cm, it won’t fit a 3 metre flatty, but it will certainly still accommodate decent sized fish or plenty of beer on your next fishing trip.

This ice box is equipped with a heavy duty exterior and lined with high density foam insulation. It has stainless steel latches and strong handles. The drain is a handy addition, making it easy to fill up with soapy water and clean out that fishy smell after a day out in the boat.

This cooler box also comes in a 100L model if you’re after something slightly larger.

Available at BCF for $399.99 or $279.99 for club members.

Best Soft Esky Bag

best soft esky

Engel Soft Cooler Bag 20L or 30L

The Engel Soft cooler bag range is one of the most highly rated online. While we spent some time researching models that were in a lower price range, nothing on the market compared to these with their overall rating of 4.8 stars.

Available in 20L or 30L, these soft cooler bags underwent an independent review that said they were able to keep their drinks cold for 3.5 days. Many people that have purchased these cooler bags have also said the same thing, stating that they are well worth the price.

These cooler bags have been designed to stop air from penetrating the bag with welded seams and closed cell foam insulation. Engel have really put in the effort to create top quality soft cooler bags that achieve similar results to their hard shell competitors.

Engel have designed this range in 3 different colours, Sea Foam, Orange and Red, however we’ve found some retailers do not stock all of them.

The 20L is available at BCF for $349.00 and the 30L is available at BCF for $399.00

Best Esky Backpack

best packpack esky

Dune 4WD 24 Can Premium Wide Mouth Backpack Soft Cooler

Reasonably priced and practical, this backpack cooler is a great buy for weekend use. It comes with rave reviews amongst buyers, with most reporting that they were impressed with the quality and giving it an overall score of 4.7.

Weighing in at only 1.46kg when empty, this esky would be really practical for families with young children to free up hands when carrying a car load of gear to the beach or the park. Or a great option for bush walking.

It’s internal dimensions are 320 x 205 x 450 mm which can accomodate 24 cans, or a picnic to enjoy with the family.

The front pocket is a handy addition for storing a bottle opener or car keys.

Needless to say, it’s one of the most popular selling back pack coolers at Anaconda.

Available at Anaconda for $69.00 at the time of writing, normally $159

Best Pink Esky

Pink Eskies are hot demand recently for the ladies. With a few available on the market now, we’ve narrowed down the two with the best reviews, in varying sizes to save you the hard work scouring the internet.

best pink esky

Engel 18L Cooler Drybox

The Engel 18L Cooler Drybox is suitable for keeping drinks and food cold, as well as being able to keep food warm. At 18L it’s the perfect size to keep drinks cold for a girls day out, a party with friends, or a day out exploring or fishing.

Although it’s a compact and lightweight esky, it comes with a shoulder strap, which makes it even easier to carry. It also features stainless steel latches with an airtight seal to ensure your drinks stay colder for longer

As always with Engel products, it comes with excellent reviews, with most feedback commenting on its high quality, convenient size, affordability, as well as the beautiful colour. It’s been a hit with the ladies.

We’ve tracked it down at BCF for $99.95

best pink esky

Dometic Patrol 35L – Orchid

For something a little larger, Dometic have released an “Orchid” Patrol Ice Box with a 35L capacity.

While the price difference between these two pink eskies is significant, it’s relative to your intended use. This particular pink esky would be more suited for times where you require longer term use and ice retention, like during weekend camping trips.

There’s no doubt about it, the Patrol is built for adventure. With it’s robust design, rugged carrying handles and rubber latches, this thing was designed for adventure.

As well as being available in a 35L model, it is also available in a 20L model. The Patrol range includes a number of other colours.

This pink model has since been discontinued though we’ve found it in stock at Perception Lighting for $415

Things to consider when choosing an Esky


One of the biggest factors to consider when purchasing an esky is your budget. Most reputable esky brands have a price starting point of $100 and go upwards from there. Some of the larger sized eskies are upwards of $1000.

With most brands, you get what you pay for. Some of the more expensive and reputable brands have spent a lot of time researching and developing a product that has features most of the cheaper brands don’t have, such as the quality of insulation, latches and sealing systems.

With some of the budget friendly brands, they do the job, but aren’t great for long term or extended use. So how often and how you intend to use your new esky is often a relevant point to consider when setting your budget.

Working out your budget first will help steer you in the right direction of which brand may be the best option for you.

Insulation, Material and Durability

The quality of insulation can vary greatly between each product. As mentioned previously, often the more expensive brands have higher quality insulation systems and are made of better quality materials. For this reason, most of them come with warranty periods upwards of a few years.

When considering durability, it’s important to think about how you will be storing your esky during its use. Will it be thrown in the back of ute? Will it be tucked away safely in the boot of a car? All of these things can impact your decision on how durable you require your esky to be.

Lids and Latches

Another point to consider is your preference around lids, latches and locks. Will you require the esky to be used as a seat while out on the boat with friends? Some brands of eskies are more suited to this as their lids are solid. Other brands have hollow lids, which can bend under pressure and impact the ability for the lid to seal and keep the hot air out.

A quality latching system is crucial to keeping food and drinks cold and keeping the hot air out. If your esky lid slips around and doesn’t lock in or seal properly, the esky will have issues maintaining its temperature.

Esky Sizes, Weight, and Capacity

Size, weight and capacity will be one of the most important considerations next to budget. If you intend on using your esky for the odd picnic or long car ride, you’re not going to buy a 65L esky. If you’re planning on using it for a weekend away camping, you’ll most likely need a large esky that will be able to fit everything you need in it and will remain cold for a number of days. How you use your esky will influence which size you decide on.

With some designs having thicker walls, they can be quite heavy to move around, especially when they are filled with ice, food or drinks. Considering whether you will be able to lift the esky may be a deciding factor for the size you consider. Also considering whether you’re able to fit it in the boot of your car.

Ease of Cleaning

Emptying a large esky full of ice or water can be a strenuous task. Opting for a large esky equipped with a drain plug for easy emptying may be a worthwhile consideration.

Again, considering your intended use, this could influence the type of esky you choose. If you’re planning to use it as a fishing esky, although they’re lightweight and easy to carry, a soft cooler bag may not be ideal as the fabric presents an issue with ease of cleaning. Hard coolers may be a better option for bringing home your catch and storing bait.

Final thoughts on Best Esky Australia reviews

There are so many quality esky products available on the market in 2024, you really are spoilt for choice. While it may feel overwhelming, it really comes down to budget, size and intended use. It’s important to find the right esky for you that suits your needs.

Hopefully this guide has provided you with the information you need to find the right esky for you and your family.

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