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Norah Head Rock Pool: Where Rocky Shores Meet Crystal Clear Waters

Norah Head Rockpool - kids happily spend hours playing here in summer
Photos by Wander ©

The Ultimate Guide to Norah Head Rock Pool

Norah Head Rock Pool is a man made ocean pool located on the Central Coast of New South Wales. The pool sits within Cabbage Tree Harbour (also known as Cabbage Tree Bay) and is made up of large boulders, which provides a barrier to protect the area from waves.

The area is a popular spot for locals and visitors to the area with the pool providing a protected and safe environment for young children to swim.

The neighbouring bay is suitable for older children and more confident swimmers with it’s shallow water and small waves.

In addition to this, the area is a popular amongst nature lovers with a number of walking trails and rocky shelves to explore along the coastline.

Cabbage Tree Harbour and Norah Head Rockpool. Norah Head Lighthouse can be seen in the background

Getting there

The rock pool is located at the bottom of Bald Street. There are a number of parking areas nearby though some make accessing the rock pool easier if visiting with small children or those with mobility issues.

There is a car park at the bottom of Bald Street near the boat ramp. It is only a very short walk to the rockpool from here, however on warmer days this car park fills up very quickly. There is ramp access from there onto the sand for wheelchairs, prams or beach carts.

There is another car park towards the top of Bald Street which is the next closest area to park, however the walk down to the pool is quite steep and may be tricky to navigate for some, especially on the way back up if towing a beach cart or pushing a pram.

Alternatively, you are able to park along Bush Street Reserve near the cafe. You are able to walk down Bald Street from there, which is incredibly steep or there are a set of stairs which leads down to where the public toilets are and onto the sand.

Best time to visit

Norah head is a great spot to visit year round. For swimming, it’s best to visit when the tide is high. If visiting during low tide and there’s minimal water in the pool, there is the neighbouring bay which is still a great spot to swim.

We’ve visited during the winter and although the water is a little chilly, it’s a beautiful spot to sit and enjoy a lazy afternoon while soaking up the winter sun.

Sunny day views of the Norah Head rockpool

Amenitites and Facilities

The area is well serviced with nearby amenities and facilities.

There are two public toilet facilities one at the pool itself and another located at the top of the hill off Bush Street next to the cafe.

There is a boat ramp at the bottom of Bald Street for those launching boats for a day on the water.

There are a number of cafe and takeaways options a short walk away with ‘Norah Head Beach Haus‘ being the most conveniently located at the top of the hill along Bush street.

If wanting to stay for a few nights, there is a caravan park located a short walk away – Norah Head Holiday Park

Things to do nearby

A little further towards the East, you’ll stumble across Norah Head Lighthouse, which is worth exploring if in the area. You’re able to experience panoramic views of the ocean from the heads. You’re able to access it via the nature trail along Bush Street, or by car. There is a small car park nearby.

It’s worth spending some time exploring the nearby rockshelves below the lighthouse. From here you’re able to access Lighthouse Beach by following the sand towards the East. Alternatively, you can access it via a short walk down there from the top of the headland.

During whale watching season, Mazlin Reserve is a stunning spot to sit and take in the views of the migrating whales.

Norah Head is surrounded by interesting scenery

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