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Naru Beach: Lake Macquarie’s Hidden Swimming Spot

crystal clear turquoise waters
Photos by Wander ©

Cool off in the crystal clear water at Naru Beach in Lake Macquarie

Situated on the shores of Lake Macquarie, Naru Beach Reserve is a hidden gem surrounded by white sands, clear water and nearby uninhabited sand islands.

The popular swimming spot offering shallow swimming areas which are sheltered from the strong currents of the Swansea Channel, making it ideal for young children and families.

Naru Beach, surrounded by natural environment

Despite it’s popularity amongst locals, there is ample space on the sandy shores to spread out and take in the stunning beauty of the area.

Naru beach Lake Macquarie - breathtaking views of the serene lake

Swimming at Naru Beach

The northern edge of the sand is relatively shallow, making it great for young children to swim, or for floating around.

Naru beach Lake Macquarie

It’s important to supervise children and be mindful that as you venture into the deeper water you can come across strong currents.

Naru beach Lake Macquarie cool off on a hot day

Like many parts of Lake Macquarie, blue ringed octopus have been spotted in the area so it is important to supervise your children and keep an eye out for them while swimming.

Getting to Naru Beach

Naru Beach can be found at the end of Naru Street in Marks Point.

As you come towards the end of Naru Street, you will approach an unsealed road.

Following the bumpy dirt road right towards the end, you will come to a small parking area. You’re able to park in this area and walk down onto the sand.

If you continue to follow the road past the entry to the sand, you’ll come across Marks Point boat ramp. There is additional parking here.

The access road is quite narrow and during the summer holidays there can be cars parked along it, making it quite difficult to access.

Nearby amenities

There are no amenities or picnic facilities on site at Naru Beach so it is important to plan ahead prior to visiting.

There is some shade along the trees however it’s advisable to bring your own shade shelter.

Marks Point boat ramp is at the end of Naru Street.

Things to do nearby

Swansea Boardwalk – A 5 minute drive further south and you’ll find the new Swansea boardwalk. A winding trail through the mangroves that provides stunning views over the lake. Swansea is another great swimming spot, though has more weeds and rock than Naru. The calm waters make it great for snorkelling and stand up paddle boarding. You can find out more here

Caves Beach – 10 minutes away is Caves Beach. A popular beach with large sea caves that are accessible during low tide.

Grannies Pool – Another great location for young children to swim in sheltered waters. Unlike Naru Beach, swimming at Grannies Pool is impacted by the tide so would recommend swimming during higher tides. You can find out more here

sand islands provide the option for a unique island hopping experience

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