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Grannies Pool: Blacksmiths Beach Secret Swimming Hole

access path to grannies pool
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Grannies Pool at Blacksmiths Beach – A Complete Guide

Tucked in away from the road Grannies Pool (or Grannys Pool) is a little hidden gem and crowd favourite swimming spot for local families in the Lake Macquarie area.

This small tidal pool is located in Blacksmiths Beach just off the Swansea Channel and is protected from the strong currents by the rock breakwall, making it an ideal spot for swimming, particularly for those who are not confident swimmers or who prefer calmer waters.

The area is loved by local families as it provides a safe environment for young children to swim where they aren’t exposed to currents, waves or deep water.

The pool is large enough to accommodate a good number of people, even on busier days, and there is plenty of room to swim or just float around.


The history of Grannies Pool (Granny’s Pool) dates back to the 1940s when a group of elderly women, affectionately known as the “Grannies,” began swimming in the pool on a regular basis. Over time, the pool became known as Grannies Pool, and the name has stuck ever since.

view towards swansea

Best time for visit

The best time to visit for a swim is if you can time your visit around there being a higher tide, it’s probably best, as during low tide there isn’t a lot of water to swim in.

You’re able to check the tides on the weather app Willy Weather.

family friendly swimming during summer
breakwall along swansea channel

Getting there

If you’re driving to Grannies Pool, you’ll want to head down Gommera Street towards Blacksmiths Beach. Head straight through the roundabout and follow the road around to the right and you’ll notice a left-hand turn after the public toilets. Head down there and you’ll make your way into a small parking area.

Once in the car park, there are three paths from the parking area that leads down towards the pool. Two of them are sand, which takes you through some coastal vegetation, leading you out to the pool.

The third access path is a purpose-built concrete path that provides accessibility for wheelchairs, which also comes in handy for beach wagons and prams.

Grannies Pool is a short walk or bike ride from Blacksmiths Beach Caravan Park.

access path
view from access path
view from access path
view from access path


There are no facilities at Grannies Pool itself, but there are public toilets and a picnic area located nearby.

Toilets are a short walk away and are pictured on a map below. Just a little further north you’ll also come across the Blacksmiths Beach Surf Lifesaving Club, which also has other facilities available.

Unlike some of the other swimming areas in Lake Macquarie, there isn’t a lot of shelter from the nearby trees. There is a lot of room to set up a sun shelter, so it’s advised to bring one if you want to escape the sun.

pathway to toilets


As touched on previously, there is an accessibility ramp from the car park that leads onto the sand, almost to the water during high tide. This makes the area accessible for people in wheelchairs, as well as offering a pram and beach cart-friendly path for families.


Parking at Grannies Pool is very limited. There is a small car park directly near the pathways leading down towards the sand. Given the small amount of parking available, it can be extremely difficult to get a parking space during peak holiday periods and weekends during the summer.

Alternatively, you’re able to park at the Surf Lifesaving Club at Blacksmiths Beach, or there is some parking along some of the surrounding streets.

parking at grannies pool

Other things to do nearby

Blacksmiths Beach

Not far from Grannies Pool you’ll find Blacksmiths Beach. This beach is patrolled from October through til April and is incredibly popular in the summertime due to it’s close proximity to the caravan park.

Across from the surf club there is also a small playground.

Blacksmiths Breakwall

A short walk to the north you’ll find the Blacksmiths Breakwall. It’s a 350m walk to the end of the breakwall. From the end of the breakwall you’re able to see the opening to the Swansea Channel. Over towards the South East you’re able to see Green Island.

The breakwall is a popular spot for land based fishing, though can be dangerous during periods of high swell.

Swansea Boardwalk

If you’re keen for a bit of a walk, or bike ride the new Swansea Boardwalk is worth checking out. You’re able to walk along the channel at Blacksmiths, across the Swansea bridge and along the channel towards Pirrita Island. There you’ll find the new boardwalk through Pirrita Island Nature Reserve. There are some amazing views to be seen of Lake Macquarie.

You’re able to read more about the boardwalk here

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